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Simplify your wine shipments to European consumers.

29 August 2023
5 minutes of reading

The collaboration between VignoblExport and Eurotax offers an innovative solution to simplify the shipment of alcoholic beverages to European consumers, while ensuring compliance with excise regulations and taxes. Benefits include preserving reputation, eliminating legal risks and opening up new opportunities. This comprehensive solution is offered at competitive rates, starting at just €0.4 per bottle.

World of wine and beer is synonymous with passion and expertise, but when it comes to shipping wine to European consumers, strict regulations and excise taxes can complicate the process. However, an innovative collaboration between VignoblExport and Eurotax provides a revolutionary solution, ensuring full regulatory compliance and facilitating shipments to key destinations : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

A unique solution for a successful expedition

Shipping alcoholic beverages across European borders is a complex challenge, especially for products subject to excise taxes. VignoblExport and Eurotax have joined forces to create an innovative solution that goes beyond traditional shipping. By guaranteeing compliance with regulations and taking account of excise taxes, this collaboration offers producers the opportunity to ship their still wines, sparkling wines and beers with complete confidence.

The advantages of this innovative solution

  1. Preservation of reputation. Regulatory compliance and excise management reinforce the reputation of producers as serious and responsible players, creating greater confidence among consumers and business partners alike.
  2. Elimination of legal risks. By collaborating with VignoblExport and Eurotax, producers eliminate the risk of fines and legal delays linked to regulatory and tax infringements.
  3. Opening up new opportunities. By relying on such a unique solution, producers gain privileged access to the European market, opening up new avenues for growth and success.

A global solution for total compliance

VignoblExport and Eurotax go beyond traditional shipping by offering a solution that encompasses all aspects of excise taxes and regulations. From meticulous management of customs documents to delivery tracking, this collaboration offers a global solution.

Competitive Costs for Unprecedented Excellence

This innovative solution ensures compliance and exceptional quality at competitive prices, starting at just €0.4 per bottle. This advantageous pricing enables producers to maintain their competitiveness while guaranteeing quality products to their customers. In conclusion, shipping wine to European consumers, particularly in key destinations such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden, has now been simplified thanks to an innovative solution. The collaboration between VignoblExport and Eurotax pushes the boundaries of shipping, guaranteeing full compliance with regulations and excise taxes. This revolutionary alliance is already available for deliveries to professionals without an excise number.

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