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Delivery to consumers

In the USA, in China and in Europe
For these destinations, we work with local agents which allow us to provide you with a comprehensive and truly facilitating offer.
Livraison vers les USA

In the USA

Thanks to a dedicated partner in the USA, we can handle all the customs formalities involved in the shipment of wines and spirits to individuals in the USA.

Alabama, Utah, New Hampshire, North Dakota and South Dakota are not served. Alaska and Hawaii are subject to surcharges due to access difficulties.

Livraison vers la Chine

In China

With our local partner, a specialist in retail distribution, we take care of all customs formalities, under the simplified customs clearance procedure authorized by the Chinese government.

In this context, the conditions to be fulfilled are: to provide the identity card of the recipient, not to exceed 3 boxes of 6 bottles per recipient, for a maximum value of 250 euros per package.

The freight forwarding profession is regulated in its access and its exercise. (Article R1411-1 of the Transport Code). The services that can be offered by a freight forwarder include:

• Consolidated shipment: several smaller shipments are assembled and shipped together to optimize freight rates and the security of the shipments,

• chartering: goods are shipped using a non-scheduled transport service by air, land, or sea,

• City office: the forwarder picks up retail packages or shipments that he entrusts either to common carriers or other freight forwarders,

• shipping organization: the forwarder picks up goods that are being sent from or sent to the country and arranges their delivery with the assistance of one or several common carriers by any mode of transport.

Freight forwarders in France must be registered and are regulated by the French administration. The successful registration of a forwarder is subject to two conditions: professional competence and professional integrity.

The certificate of professional competence, held by Erwan and Marjolaine Leteurtre for VignoblExport, distinguishes us from representatives who, unlike freight forwarders, act as simple intermediaries, with no obligation for results and with no civil liability insurance for the goods being transported.


In Europe

Depuis le 13 février 2023, l'entrée en vigueur de la nouvelle directive (UE) 2020/262 qui organise la refonte du régime général d'accises, recommande le recours à un représentant fiscal pour l'expédition de vins aux particuliers dans l'Union Européenne. En partenariat avec l'entreprise Eurotax, spécialisée en représentation fiscale, nous vous garantissons l'acheminement de vos colis aux particuliers dans le respect de la législation en vigueur.

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Livraison en Europe
Équipe VignoblExport

Advantages for you

choosing VignoblExport
  • Compliance with the legislation in force in the recipient’s country
  • Our local experts, who are specialists in their market, can give advice and manage your shipments
  • A reliable service for deliveries that are tracked and guaranteed to arrive
  • Simplification of the tasks assigned to the importer
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