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Our values

  • Work with accuracy and thoroughness
  • Develop close ties, inform, assist
  • Honour the mission we are given and the trust our customers place in us
  • Anticipate, simplify, resolve, follow-up, be reactive
  • Provide a service worthy of the goods entrusted to us.

We are the strategic link in your wine distribution chain

When you entrust us to transport your wines, we consider more than just the inherent value of your production For each of your bottles, we think of the time you spent, your passion, your work and your know-how mobilized upstream. We also think of the potential commercial stakes downstream, so that your wines are discovered, tasted, shared and so that your business is successful.

As the strategic link in your wine distribution chain we are aware of our responsibility. We work daily to ensure that the products you entrust to us are forwarded to the right place at the right time and in perfect condition.

Nous sommes le maillon stratégique de la chaîne de diffusion de votre vin

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