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Miniliner – An innovative solution to protect your shipments!

22 May 2024
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Join us in discovering the Miniliner, a revolutionary packaging solution for transporting your bottles.

Packaging is a crucial element when shipping cases of wine. Wine is a fragile product that requires maximum protection to preserve its quality and taste. Cases of wine must be protected against shock, vibration and temperature variations during transport to avoid damage and financial loss. This is where the Miniliner comes into its own as an efficient and reliable solution for shipping wooden cases of wine.

The benefits.

It is designed to reduce the risk of breakage and preserve the quality of the wine during transport, by protecting the bottles from impact, temperature variations and environmental factors such as light, humidity and heat. This packaging solution offers all the conditions needed to ensure that the wine arrives at its destination in the best conditions. This helps to meet customer expectations and maintain your company's reputation for quality. The Miniliner also offers an economical alternative, as it avoids having to ship your bottles in a reinforced cardboard box on one side and an empty wooden crate or pallet on the other. Exporters can reduce shipping costs without compromising wine quality, offering a cost-effective solution for shipping cases of wine.

How does the Miniliner work?

Consisting of a liner bag and an air cushion, it is designed to wrap around the case of wine and provide a barrier against humidity, light and heat. The air cushion is placed inside the liner bag to provide extra protection against shock and vibration. The Miniliner is available in a range of sizes to suit different wine case dimensions, so exporters can choose the right size for their wine case, ensuring maximum protection for every shipment. Available sizes include standard formats for 3 and 12-bottle cases, as well as custom formats for special wine cases. Easy to use, the miniliner can be installed in just a few minutes. Simply place the air cushion inside the wine case, then wrap the case with the liner bag, making sure that all the corners are well protected. All that's left to do is close it. This lightweight, compact packaging solution facilitates storage and handling prior to shipment.

The materials used in the Miniliner.

Made from top-quality materials to offer optimum protection during transport, the liner bag is made from a high-density material that is tough and durable. The air cushion is made from a lightweight yet robust material that offers protection against shock and vibration. The materials used have been carefully selected to guarantee the best possible protection for the wine during transport. This packaging solution offers protection against UV rays, light, humidity and heat, all of which can affect the quality of the wine: Using the Miniliner can improve customer satisfaction by guaranteeing the quality and condition of the order on arrival, reinforcing the company's reputation for quality and service. The Miniliner offers superior protection for cases of wine during transport. By choosing this shipping solution, you reduce the risk of breakage and temperature variations, while preserving the integrity of the wooden case and ensuring the quality of the wine. Contact our team at VignoblExport to order the miniliner and protect your shipments of cases of wine.  

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