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Our skills

We are freight forwarders, passionate about the wine industry.
Our expertise is based as much on our knowledge of the wine industry as on our understanding of the logistics and regulations related to the handling of alcohol.
Nous nous sommes donnés pour missions

Our goal is to make

the task easier for wineries, merchants, cooperative cellars and export agents, by arranging their wine & spirits deliveries from France, Italy, Spain and worldwide. Wine and spirits are special commodities whose business is controlled by regulations specific to each country. There are barriers to worldwide alcohol transport. Our job is to anticipate any possible hold ups and manage all the time-consuming regulatory aspects so you don’t have to.

Nous sommes commisionnaires de transport

We are freight forwarders

This allows us to arrange and contract, under our responsibility and in our own name, the shipment of goods by any mode on behalf of our customers.

The freight forwarding profession is regulated in its access and its exercise. (Article R1411-1 of the Transport Code). The services that can be offered by a freight forwarder include:

• Consolidated shipment: several smaller shipments are assembled and shipped together to optimize freight rates and the security of the shipments,

• chartering: goods are shipped using a non-scheduled transport service by air, land, or sea,

• City office: the forwarder picks up retail packages or shipments that he entrusts either to common carriers or other freight forwarders,

• shipping organization: the forwarder picks up goods that are being sent from or sent to the country and arranges their delivery with the assistance of one or several common carriers by any mode of transport.

Freight forwarders in France must be registered and are regulated by the French administration. The successful registration of a forwarder is subject to two conditions: professional competence and professional integrity.

The certificate of professional competence, held by Erwan and Marjolaine Leteurtre for VignoblExport, distinguishes us from representatives who, unlike freight forwarders, act as simple intermediaries, with no obligation for results and with no civil liability insurance for the goods being transported.

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Our shipping process

Discover our shipping process step by step in this video.

Our missions

Our goal is to relieve you of the time-consuming requirements of shipping goods and to ensure that whatever requirements you do have to carry out yourself are as simple and quick as possible.

Consolidated shipments

Step 1

  • We provide you with die-cut corrugated inner packaging with corrugated outer container
  • Prepare your shipment

Step 2

  • Enter the details of your shipments in your customer account on our secure extranet

Step 3

  • We seek the most competitive shipping offer

Step 4

  • Print the shipping documents to attach to you shipment

Step 5

  • We'll arrange pick-up directly from your premises when you're ready
  • Hand over your package to the courier

Step 6

  • We schedule the shipment by road, sea or air.

Step 7

  • We will track your shipment until delivery

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