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VignoblExport joins Hillebrand

6 May 2021
2 minutes of reading

The growth of e-commerce leads VignoblExport and Hillebrand to join their strength and expertise in the logistics of small quantities of alcoholic beverages and thus continue to focus on quality and customer service.

We are pleased to announce our integration into the Hillebrand Group, world leader in the transport and logistics of wine, beer ans spirits..

By offering a range of world-class services, supported by high-performance digital solutions, VignoblExport enables Hillebrand to strengthen its small quantity logistics activity and enter the growing segment of e-commerce..

Our presence in main wine exporting countries (France, Espagne et Italie), coupled with our unique service offering and advanced digital solutionsto facilitate the shipment of small quantity orders for wines and other alcoholic beverages, makes it a perfect fit with the Hillebrand network and scope of services.

By joining the Hillebrand group, we will benefit from their facilities and their réseau and will bring our customers complementary solutions.

A perfect fit to facilitate the shipment of small orders of wine or other alcoholic beverages directly to the end consumer.

Together, our two companies will use their expertise and ressources to develop their business and meet your every need.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow.

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