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Your website connected for free to VignoblExport’s extranet

22 April 2021
3 minutes of reading

Develop your market!
Is your website developed in WordPress? Do you have a “Woo commerce” merchant site? We offer you to link your merchant site to our extranet for free: your orders are automatically processed and your management of orders and shipments is super simplified!

How it works ?


You save time and reduce your risk of errors. No more worry about the variations of amounts according to the destinations and the carriers. You can expand your market by offering new destinations to your customers.

Free, simple and fast

We are very happy to offer you this new solution. Contact the Vignoblexport team to discuss the implementation of this new solution for the development of your market, the satisfaction of your customers, and your peace of mind!

Coming Soon !

The same system for Prestashop merchant sites is under development.

See you soon !


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