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Wineries, merchants, cooperative cellars, export agents

Our goal is to make your task easier by arranging your wine & spirits deliveries in France, Italy, Spain and worldwide.

Vignerons, négociants, caves coopératives, agents export

We facilitate the task of winemakers and importers

Our goal is to make sure that you have the least amount of work to do and that the work you have to do is as simple and quick as possible. Our expertise is based on our knowledge of the wine industry as well as the logistics industry.

Vous êtes vigneron

You are a wine shipper

You need to ship wine or spirits within the European Union or for worldwide.

Vous êtes importateur

You are an importer

You want to receive easy delivery of European wine and spirits.

Votre espace dédié

Your customer area

You have access to a private extranet that simplifies and secures the handling of your merchandise.

Our team is passionate about the wine industry and specialized in the transport of wine and spirits.

We are freight forwarders

VignoblExport's mission is to facilitate the work of winegrowers, merchants, cooperative wineries and export agents, by arranging their wine & spirits deliveries in France, Italy, Spain and worldwide..

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Équipe VignoblExport

Behind the screen and on the phone

VignoblExport's values
  • Work with accuracy and thoroughness
  • Develop close ties, inform, assist
  • Honour the mission we are given and the trust our customers place in us
  • Anticipate, simplify, resolve, follow-up, be reactive
  • Provide a service worthy of the goods entrusted to us.
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11 years after the company was founded, 3774 customers trust us to deliver their wines and spirits in France and worldwide.

« A real pleasure to work with them! »

I can’t thank VignoblExport enough for their commitment, their helpfulness and their guidance.

Vintage & Cie

« With VignoblExport we have found a good partner for sample shipments of alcoholic products. »

Reliable in providing quotes and prompt in picking up the products once given readiness. Supportive even once the goods have been shipped until delivery.

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