USA & China

Specific regulations

The American and
Chinese markets

impose their own procedures and regulations.
For these specific markets, we work with local partners in these countries which allows us to offer a comprehensive and simplified service.

The US

Food Facility Registration (registration of a company wishing to export foodstuffs to the USA)
Extra services for the USA

We take care of all the important paperwork for

shipments to the USA


Food Facility registration

Obtaining and renewing your number with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) - any company wishing to export food products to the USA is required to register for a number

Obtain a COLA Waiver for your samples

Exemption from compliance to American labelling regulations

Establishment of Prior Notice

Advance notice required by the FDA for any goods intended for human or animal consumption imported to the USA

Le marché de
la chine

Avec un partenaire spécialiste du marché chinois, nous vous faisons bénéficier de la procédure de dédouanement simplifié autorisée par le gouvernement chinois et vous garantissons ainsi la conformité à la législation en vigueur.

For these two markets we take care of

(for consolidated shipments by air or sea)

The shipment and clearance of samples sent to magazines and journalists for review
Deliveries for tastings at events and trade shows
Deliveries to distributors

Advantages for

Compliance withthe legislation in force in the recipient’s country
Our local experts, who are specialists in their market, can give advice and manage your shipments
Simplified procedures for importers
A reliable service for deliveries that are tracked and guaranteed to arrive
Consolidated shipments
France - Italy - Spain - European Union - World
Within any EUROPEAN
wine-growing region
including Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia
in the USA and China
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