10 years after the company was founded,
3603 customers trust us to deliver their wines and spirits
in France and worldwide.

Whatever their wine-producing region, the size of their vines and their production, the destination of their goods in France or for export, for deliveries, imports or consolidated shipments .
We thank you, all and individually, for the trust you place in VignoblExport.


Anne Buisson

European Cellars
“ Over the past two years, we've had only positive feedback ”
Anne Buisson of European Cellars imports wines to the United States from hundreds of producers, 50 % of which are French. As such, many samples of wines are shipped to the United States for tasting tours. She discovered VignoblExport in 2014 through a wine producer.
“It started with a few producers who decided to entrust their wines to VignoblExport for their sample shipments. The speed, efficiency and responsiveness of the service soon convinced many others.
Shipping wines to the United States is not always easy and requires a lot of very specific documents. VignoblExport offers a service that makes life much easier for winemakers. They just have to give their information and VignoblExport handles everything from the prior notice to the pro-forma invoice. They provide the packaging requested by carriers and in the hour following your request, you have your answer or your quote. And in addition the quote is lower than that of other carriers...
All this is extremely reassuring for winemakers because there can be significant consequences if a package does not arrive on time. Not only financial consequences but also on the quality of the wine. In summer, when it is 35°C/95°F and the wine is held in non-refrigerated customs warehouses due to paperwork issues, there is a high risk of the wines being damaged. Working with VignoblExport helps avoid these risks.
Over the past two years we've had only positive feedback. The winemakers stop trying to ship their samples on their own and call us back to thank us for the tip-off.
For us importers, it is also simpler. When there are no hold ups at customs because all the paperwork was completed properly upstream, it's a real time saver for us. ”

Philippe Verrier

Export manager
at Champagne Drappier
“It's convenient for us, the shipper, and for the consignee who receives our packages. ”
The first time we met dates back to 2010, during the entrance exam for the ESC business school in Dijon where he was a member of the jury...A few years later, Philippe Verrier, now export manager at Champagne Drappier met Marjolaine Leteurtre again at VignoblExport.
What VignoblExport offers is not so common. The first benefit in working with them is financial. It's just cheaper! Then there is the quality of the service. We send samples to England, Germany, Japan and to nearly one hundred countries worldwide. The commercial stakes are high for us. If there is any problem or hold up at customs, we can count on VignoblExport to break the deadlock. This is a point to which we attach great importance.
The team really gets involved. They are precise, responsive and efficient. Our export team appreciates the quality of the relationship; beyond saving time, it is pleasant and convenient for them to work in such conditions. It is the same for our prospects and customers who have nothing to pay when they receive our packages. Thanks to VignoblExport’s professionalism everything is done well, whether it is for us, the shipper, or for the consignee who receives our packages. ”

Pascal Fernand

President of the APVSA
“They don't work for themselves but for the winemakers. ”
Pascal Fernand is President of the APVSA, Association for the Promotion of Wines and Spirits in North America, responsible for making the link between wine and spirits producers around the world, and Canadian & American buyers.
Over 300 winemakers from the major wine & spirits producing areas throughout the world join the APVSA looking for importers and distributors in North America.
One day, one of its members spoke to Pascal Fernand about this company that arranges worldwide wine shipments…
I discovered VignoblExport during a visit to France. One of our members had sent his wine with them and was very happy. In a few months, several winemakers had also chosen to put their trust in them. And for good reason. The stakes are high for wineries and they were not mistaken. VignoblExport gives them simplicity and security. Not to mention the amount of time and money saved.
I have only good feedback about VignoblExport. They do what they say, they are resourceful, helpful and available. They answer at any time and it is extremely convenient. They are very professional and very conscientious. It has to be due to the female-dominated team!
Consolidated shipments
France - Italy - Spain - European Union - World
Within any EUROPEAN
wine-growing region
including Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia
in the USA and China
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