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How to protect your bottles for shipping?

29 December 2023
5 minutes of reading

Packaging is one of the most important steps in ensuring that the products you send arrive in good condition at your customers’ premises. Bottles are fragile products that require special care when being packed and shipped. A poorly packaged bottle can break during transport, resulting in financial loss and customer dissatisfaction. We’re going to give you some practical advice on how to pack bottles correctly for shipping to minimise the risk of breakage and ensure your products arrive safely at their destination.

Packaging, preparing your bottles for shipment

How to protect your bottles for shipping? Whether you're a professional sending products to your customers or an private individual sending a gift to a friend, packaging is crucial to protect your products during transport. Proper packaging can not only prevent damage, but can also prevent leaks and accidental breakage.

Use suitable, strong cardboard packaging

The choice of packaging is crucial to guarantee that your product arrives safely at its final destination. It is therefore essential to choose suitable, solid cardboard packaging. Single-flute cartons are ideal for light products, while double-flute packaging are more resistant and better suited to heavy products such as bottles. When choosing your packaging, make sure it's big enough to hold your product and all the cushioning material you need to protect it. If your product is fragile, choose a larger packaging so that you can add more cushioning material.

How correctly pack your bottles and protect them for shipping?

Once you've chosen the right box, you need to make sure that your product is securely wedged inside. Shocks and vibrations during transport can cause damage to your product, so it's essential to protect your bottles properly.

Close the package securely

Once your product is secured and protected inside the box, you must close it securely to prevent any accidental leakage or opening during transport. Use wide adhesive tape to close the package. Make sure the tape is firmly stuck to all the openings, especially the corners and edges.

Affix the transport note to the top of the parcel

The consignment note is an essential document to ensure that your parcel reaches its final destination. It contains important information such as the delivery address, the name of the recipient and the tracking number. Print out the consignment note and affix it to the top of the parcel. Make sure all the information is correct and legible.

What are the rules for packing bottles?

Packing bottles can be a bit tricky as they can break easily during transport. To pack bottles, follow these steps :
  1. Choose a sturdy cardboard box: only use a reinforced packaging with thick walls to protect the bottles during transport.
  2. Use dividers: choose suitable dividers to separate bottles and prevent them from colliding.
  3. Close the box securely: use wide adhesive tape to close the box. Be sure to cover all openings to prevent any possibility of accidental opening.
By following these simple rules, you can pack your bottles safely and ship them without danger. Follow our step-by-step guide ! Contact us for more informations !

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